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June 7, 2016January 23, 2022
Help Mims Corner feed the Homeless 2022


Campaign Target


$18000 to go

Last year we started serving the homeless every two weeks on a Sunday @ 3:pm. ( Dinner with us). We partnered with a restaurant who prepares hot dinners for us to serve. Cost is $15.00 for a complete meal. We are in need of your help, we need 50 people to donate $30.00 monthly which is a $1.00 per day.

We are asking Churches to join us on this mission to help .We are here to feed the homeless and make a child smile with events and learning applications. You can Trust us to Bless Somebody else. Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit.

Warmth has as many layers. Warmth means protection from the cold, having access to a hot meal when hungry, and most importantly being treated with dignity.Warmth means so much more than a coat. We are successful because of community kindness and generous donations. Be a part of the work we do and give today.