Penny Mims serves as Youth Director from 2000- 2019 (ages 2 through 12 )Stockton, CA.   Penny’s tremendous success is birthed out of a genuine and abundant love that she has for children. Penny maps out the year to ensure there are high points of activity; cultural awareness, recognition, leadership enrichment, and continuous important life lessons.  Each child feels loved and valued in whatever skill set they bring forth. Youth are encouraged to dream and then dream even bigger.  Penny exposes the youth to various experiences and other successful youth to demonstrate that they can all achieve more with practice, prayer, and patience – keep pushing, keep moving forward.  Through her energy, direction, and contagious laughter and, Penny encourages and challenges other leaders to provide the same level of care.


Penny teaches youth leaders to care about what the children care about. Youth workers interact with the youth on social media to ensure their conversations are directed properly.  Penny celebrates school achievements such as perfect attendance, high grades, percentage improvement, improved test scores, or a sports achievement.  These children feel and know that they are a part of a community that invests in them, believes in them, and expect great things from them as they matriculate through life.  Following Penny’s example, the youth also volunteers to serve within our community.  They participate in homeless feeding programs, clothing give-aways, and clean up activities. Penny has serves through two services on Sunday mornings, oversees a Wednesday night workshop (dance, speech, choir, and bible study), she  has facilitates monthly training for youth leaders, and still invests time, on occasion, in smaller group activities to designed to boost self confidence, where needed. Penny is a tremendous blessing for our community.

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